Luxury Chocolate Gift Parcel

Luxury Chocolate Gift Parcel - Milène Jardine Chocolatier
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A variety of international chocolate truffles and bars sure to delight any chocolate lover. Assortment is tied together in a ribbon. Each parcel includes:

"Live by Love" Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 15pc                                    

3 Tradition: Harvey Wallbanger (USA), 3 Sanctuary: Ginger/ Turmeric/ Black Pepper (Japan/India), 3 Goddess:  Hibiscus/ Mint (Egypt), 3 Puriste: Dark Chocolate (France), 3 Serenity:  Whiskey/ Sea Salt (Ireland)

"Seasonal Shiro Miso Collection" Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 5pc

International Chocolate Bar Library - 5 Bars                                                      

1 Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar, 1 Toasted Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Chocolate Bar, 1 Raw Pistachio Chocolate Bar, 1 Rosemary Chocolate Bar, 1 South American Dark Chocolate Bar

Size: 6.875” x 4.8” x 4.25”

Weight: 13.25 oz

Care: Created with real cream, butter, and other ephemeral ingredients; therefore best when placed at 60-65F. When stored in refrigerator, let chocolates breath at room temperature for at least 20 minutes to release flavors and maximize taste.

Consumption: Freshness and quality are priorities. Like in France, the croissants are made and enjoyed in the same day. Please enjoy truffles within 2 weeks as these delicacies are perishable.  

 Allergens: Gluten Free. Contains milk, soy, coconut and pistachio.





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