"Live by Love" Chocolate Truffle Gift Box 15pc

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Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 15pc

“Live by Love” is the premier Collection that takes you on a journey to 5 countries across diverse continents whose cultures have greatly influenced me. My chocolates contain the finest natural ingredients: Valhrona chocolate from France, fresh cream and butter. Each navy box is hand packed and includes an insert describing each truffle flavor’s unique story and inspiration.

Each box includes:

3 Tradition: Harvey Wallbanger (USA)

3 Sanctuary: Ginger/ Turmeric/ Black Pepper (Japan/India)

3 Goddess:  Hibiscus/ Mint (Egypt)

3 Puriste: Dark Chocolate (France)

3 Serenity:  Whiskey/ Sea Salt (Ireland)

Created to connect, heal, and love