Foragers Market, Dumbo Brooklyn, NY
Foragers mission is to provide it’s neighborhood with high quality groceries from local farms and producers.
They offer well-priced, delicious food, amazing drink and a truly unique and wonderful experience
that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Sprout Home, Brooklyn, NY
Sprout Kitchen & Table, Brooklyn, NY
Sprout Home, Chicago, IL
Sprout Kitchen & Table, Chicago, IL

Innovative Floral and Plant Designs with custom arrangements and garden installations.

Smith & Brit Boutique & Spa, Chelsea, NY

International Chocolate Bars available for purchase at this bespoke spa in the heart of Chelsea.

Taste of New York, Dix Hills, NY

Taste NY, launched by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in 2013, highlights the quality, diversity, and economic impact
of food and beverages grown, produced, or processed in New York State.


With the goal to make the world more local, myPanier combines the authenticity and integrity of a farmers market with the convenience of a digital store. International Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Truffles Gift Boxes available.

Secret Ingredient Girls

Sharing their passion for wholesome, healing, ingredients, The Secret Ingredient Girls vision is to create more nurturing communities. Find your secret ingredient on their online boutique.

Union Kitchen, Washington, DC

Union Kitchen Grocery brings local products to local shelves.