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Milène Jardine Chocolatier offers artisanal, international chocolate inspired by her personal mantra: Live by Love. After exploring over 35 countries and meeting inspirational people every step of the way, she believes in the healing power of food, of connection, and of love. Her vision is to celebrate the beauty of diversity through chocolate. Each contains the finest natural ingredients: Valhrona chocolate from France along with exotic herbs and spices that heal and soothe the body. They’re delicious and good for the soul. Milène Jardine Chocolatier is her gift to a curious, and ever-surprising world that inspires her every single day. She hopes they inspire you to dream big. “Live by Love” is the premier Truffle Collection that takes you on a journey to 5 countries across diverse continents whose cultures have greatly influenced her. New flavors and assortments are introduced seasonally.


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