"Live by Love" Chocolate Truffle Collection

Tradition - Harvey Wallbanger – A tribute to my grandfather’s celebrated Harvey Wallbanger cake, with a zest of orange and splash of herbaceous Galliano Liqueur. These flavors remind me of family, humor, and my home in the USA. I offer you to share what flavors taste like your Tradition.

Sanctuary - Ginger/ Turmeric/ Black Pepper - Influenced by the peace and divinity I found while exploring the temples of Japan and India. Ginger and turmeric are heated to bring chocolate and black pepper to an intense yet subtle flavor that balances and calms the body.

Goddess - Hibiscus/ Mint – Honoring the female rulers of ancient Egypt, these chocolates were inspired by the Nile Valley tea of the pharaohs. Hibiscus, known for its refreshing and cooling effects on the body, is accented with sweet mint.

Puriste - Dark Chocolate - Channels the passionate and devoted love of chocolate by the French people. Every time I create a batch of Puriste, I am transported to my favorite chocolate shops in Paris where art and food meet like lovers on the Seine River.

Serenity - Whiskey/ Sea Salt - Inspired by the beauty and peaceful nature of Ireland where I fell in love with my father’s Irish heritage. Let the rich flavor of whiskey sweetened with natural maple contrasted with savory sea salt carry you away to tranquility.