About Us

Milène’s passion for creating desserts started as early as she could pick up a cookbook and hand mix sugar into butter. Her parents added the long list of her ingredients on their grocery visits as they felt it was a positive creative outlet. The sweets quickly became favorites at family celebrations and holidays. She transformed her love of desserts into a business 10 years ago by making chocolate favors, platters, and centerpieces for weddings, parties, and art exhibitions. At the same time, her business skills were developed through her extensive travel and intense training at Macy’s renowned Private Label Headquarters. Milène left Macy's as product director and decided to dedicate her skills to building her own brand Milène Jardine Chocolatier that aligns with her lifelong fervor for confections and travel.

Milène Jardine Chocolatier creates high quality, artisanal chocolates made locally in a commercial New York City kitchen. Each flavor tells a story and takes the customer on a journey to a different continent to experience a new flavor in life. The styling embodies a modern elegance with each truffle made to harmonize a graceful release of flavor and texture, wrapped in simple yet sophisticated packaging. The brand channels the power of the west with the compassion of the east to celebrate the beauty and wisdom from both hemispheres. The hope is to spread happiness, unite cultures, and inspire a world to "live by love" with each truffle.