Whiskey and Chocolate

Chocolate and whiskey is one of those combos you have to try at least once in your lifetime. The warming aromas of the whiskey cleanses the mouth nicely, and pairs perfectly with various types of chocolate, especially that of high quality. Both whiskey and chocolate can take on various flavors and forms, from sweet and simple to complex and savory. Chocolate comes in white, milk, and dark varieties along with endless blends of fillings and ganaches. When selecting the best whiskey, we like to review the oak effect like Bourbon to less charred wood barrels found in second or third-use barrels.


Certain flavor profiles of whiskey complement different chocolates. For example, a light floral whiskey pairs excellently with a chocolate containing fruits and nuts. We like Nikka Miyagiko's soft and fruity cask with our Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar. When paired together these flavors enhance one another, making it an addicting pairing. Likewise, a maritime whiskey would be a delicious accompaniment to a sea salt caramel milk chocolate. Our Whiskey Sea Salt Truffle combines the best of both worlds, rich chocolate, light whiskey, maple syrup and a bit of saltiness. 

Don't stop at American whiskey though, Japan has some beautiful whiskies as well! Japan's seasons tend to be more intense than America's, altering the speed at which the whiskey ages. This gives it subtle, yet unique tastes. If you're new to Japanese whiskey, here are some pairings with our chocolates to try out:
-From the Hyogo Prefecture -
Akashi Single Malt
The light, fruity nature of this malt pairs with the Harvey Wallbanger Chocolate Truffle. The orange notes in the truffle and herbaceous liquor compliment the whiskeys herbal notes.
-From the Kumamoto Prefecture -
Ohishi Sakura Cask
The sweet sherry and brandy nature of this whiskey is contrasted with the spicy Ginger, Turmeric, Black Pepper Truffle.
-From the Okinawa Prefecture - 
Kujira Ryukyu 20Y
This sweet, refreshing bourbon cask whiskey is complemented by the fresh Hibiscus/Mint Chocolate Truffle.
-From the Osaka Prefecture - 
The earthy Yamazaki that blends smokey notes, oak, and fruit partners with our nutty Raw Pistachio Chocolate Bar.
More tips for pairing Japanese Whiskey:
For a smokey petty, pair with a more savory chocolate like our Rosemary Chocolate Bar.
Sweet whiskeys (less wood charred) are better with salt/caramel or savory chocolates as vanilla notes can be disruptive.
Rich whiskey (charred oak, vanilla flavor), choose lower content chocolate that's more on the sweeter side. 
Source: https://scotchwhisky.com/magazine/food/18340/10-ways-to-pair-chocolate-with-whisky/

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