How to Pair Coffee & Chocolate

When done right, a pairing of coffee and chocolate can be a match made in heaven. Because of their similar flavor profiles, combining the two will make the chocolate taste richer, and the coffee smoother. 

When trying to pair the two, you should use a rich dark grind of coffee, like espresso, along with a 70% dark chocolate, (our International Chocolate Bars are wonderful here). The sharpness of the cacao elevates the coffee's natural chocolaty and nutty undertones, making it the perfect combo. You can try a darker chocolate with a sweeter, creamier grind to soften the bitterness of the chocolate. More importantly, have fun with it! Try out different chocolate and coffee combos to see which ones suit your taste buds. We recently found 2 female owned coffee brands that we love to pair our chocolates with, Chicago French Press and Everyday People Coffee And Tea. Below are a few of our favorite flavor combinations. 


Chicago French Press:

Chicago French Press is a black, women-owned business that specializes in coffee and tea making. Their coffees are hand blended with ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts and cocoa that brew an authentically rich and flavorful cup. The mission is to make gourmet, flavored coffee accessible by teaching others how to brew a delicious cup at home. 

-Chocolate Blueberry Coffee & Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar

The lemon provides a refreshing citrus to lessen the sweetness of blueberries, while salt provides a sweet and salty combo with the chocolate and coffee. 

-Coconut Creme Coffee & Coconut Lime Leaf Chocolate Bar:

The coconut creme flavored coffee has a smooth creamy texture to complement the fruity coconut in the chocolate creating a tropical twist.

-Vanilla Bean Blossom Coffee & Raw Pistachio:

Vanilla and Pistachio are subtle flavors that don’t overpower each other. Smooth, sweet vanilla compliments the nutty pistachios, making it a perfect match. 

Everyday People Coffee And Tea:

Everyday People Coffee and Tea is a black and women-owned company that is focused on using eco-friendly sustainable practices. Their coffee beans and tea leaves are both ethically sourced to ensure great quality and taste. Here are a few of our picks paired with chocolate.

-Bali Blue & South American Dark Chocolate Bar:

The sweet molasses and brown sugar coffee adds a sweetness to the bitter dark chocolate, enhancing the depth of flavor overall and allowing yourself to give into your sweet tooth. 

-Whiskey Barrel & Salted Sicilian Lemon Bar:

The lemon and slight sweetness in the chocolate tones down the complexity of the whiskey, while the salt reduces the bitterness of the whiskey. 

-Tanzania & Rosemary Chocolate Bar:

Floral and fruity flavors of the coffee compliment the herby aroma of our rosemary chocolate bar, giving you a feel and taste of nature. 

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