Health Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is a common herb used in recipes and oils, that can be used dried, or even grown fresh in your backyard. This herb is native to the Mediterranean, and has been known, and proven, to have many medicinal properties.


Rosemary contains many vitamins and minerals that help lower the risk of infection and boost your immune system, like manganese, which helps with metabolic health, and carnosic acid that can help prevent cancer, and boost your immune system with its antioxidants.  

Rosemary Chocolate

Rosemary is plentiful with phytochemicals, which are chemical compounds produced by plants. These can help with eye health, regulate liver function, and even lower the risk of asthma. 


Any form of rosemary is guaranteed to have a calming scent. It relaxes the body and soul, making it the perfect air freshener for any place. Rosemary has a strong scent, so it carries through in any foods or drinks (even our Rosemary Chocolate Bar). 



Rosemary is a beautiful herb that has many beneficial qualities, and can make a great addition to any recipe, even sweet treats. Our dark chocolate rosemary bars use real rosemary minced into a powder and added to the melted chocolate during the tempering process. This results in an even distribution of flavor in every piece. The earthy flavor this herb balances the sweetness of the chocolate to uplift and intrigue the senses. 

We love to pair our Rosemary Dark Chocolate Bar with a mild blue cheese like Bayley Hazen Blue and an herbal red wine like Chinon or Malbec. The savory rosemary chocolate brings out the woody and fruity aromas in both the wine and the cheese.


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