Holiday Gift Set

Holiday Gift Set
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Celebrate the holidays at home with a complete set of international chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, along with creamy pistachio butter and petits toasts.  The set includes all our signature chocolates, seasonal assortment and new creamy pistachio spread made with all natural ingredients, slow roasted pistachios and a hint of salt.

"Live by Love" Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 15pc                                    

3 Tradition: Harvey Wallbanger (USA), 3 Sanctuary: Ginger/ Turmeric/ Black Pepper (Japan/India), 3 Goddess:  Hibiscus/ Mint (Egypt), 3 Puriste: Dark Chocolate (France), 3 Serenity:  Whiskey/ Sea Salt (Ireland)

"Seasonal Collection" Chocolate Truffle Gift Box - 5pc

International Chocolate Bar Library - 5 Bars                                                      

1 Sicilian Salted Lemon Chocolate Bar, 1 Toasted Coconut & Kaffir Lime Leaf Chocolate Bar, 1 Raw Pistachio Chocolate Bar, 1 Rosemary Chocolate Bar, 1 South American Dark Chocolate Bar

Size: 10” x 4.8” x 4.25”

Weight: 23.50 oz

Care: Created with real cream, butter, and other ephemeral ingredients; therefore best when placed at 60-65F. When stored in refrigerator, let chocolates breath at room temperature for at least 20 minutes to release flavors and maximize taste.

Consumption: Freshness and quality are priorities. Like in France, the croissants are made and enjoyed in the same day. Please enjoy truffles within 2 weeks as these delicacies are perishable.  

 Allergens: Gluten Free. Contains milk, soy, coconut and pistachio.





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